The University of Iowa

Why is the Commencement RSVP Closed?

There are a variety of reasons an individual might see the message in MyUI that the commencement attendance portal is closed. Please review the following information. 

We cannot open the commencement RSVP until after the first day of the semester in which that commencement will take place. 

Typically, the fall RSVP will open in September and the spring RSVP will open in February. Commencement ceremonies do not occur during the summer.

Students eligible to apply for degree will be contacted directly by the UI Commencement Team when the RSVP opens. 

A student must have a degree application on file in order to RSVP after the attendance portal has opened. If you are eligible to apply for degree please do so and then RSVP. If you are trying to participate early, please contact your college's commencement coordinator for more information. 

Not all colleges hold fall commencement ceremonies. Students in these populations will see a message that the RSVP portal is not open and are invited to attend the college's ceremony the following spring. 

The following is a list of colleges that do not hold fall ceremonies:

  • Carver College of Medicine - Associated Medical Sciences 
  • Carver College of Medicine - Doctor of Medicine and Masters in Medical Education 
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Law
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Public Health
  • Iowa MBA

We have to close the RSVP each fall and spring to compile graduate data for the commencement ceremonies. The spring RSVP closes in April and the fall RSVP closes in November. RSVP open and close information is present in the banner at the top of this website. 

If you already submitted commencement attendance through MyUI for a session which has passed, you will not have access to the RSVP in MyUI. Please contact the Commencement Team for assistance. 

If your circumstances are not covered by the topics listed above, please email the UI Commencement Team