University of Iowa


Commencement Apparel

All graduates* participating in commencement are required to wear a gown, cap, and tassel. 

Apparel can be purchased from the Iowa Hawk Shop beginning with the fall 2019 Grad Fair through the end of Finals Week. The fall 2019 Grad Fair will be located in the IMU Hubbard Commons on October 17 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Caps and gowns purchased during the Grad Fair will be 20% off! Please bring your student ID card to purchase caps and gowns.

*Graduate College candidates do not purchase apparel at the Hawk Shop or at the Grad Fair, thus no Grad Fair discounts apply. Consult the Graduate College website for ordering custom apparel for Graduate College commencement ceremonies.


Cap Decorating

Undergraduate students are encouraged to celebrate their achievements by decorating their graduation cap. The following guidelines should be observed. Students who do not adhere to these guidelines may be asked to remove their decorated cap and will be given a replacement cap to wear during the ceremony.

Cap Decorating Guidelines 

  • No items will be allowed to dangle or protrude from the cap; only flat decorations will be permitted.
  • No lights or devices may be attached to the cap.
  • No inappropriate or profane language will be permitted.
  • No negative portrayal of the university or undergraduate experience.

In addition to these guidelines, the College of Engineering asks that no political verbiage or imagery be used. 

Graduate students are not allowed to wear decorated caps during their ceremony. 

Collegiate Tassel Colors