The University of Iowa


What is RSVP?

The abbreviation RSVPcomes from the French phrase répondez s'il vous plaît, which means “please reply.”

In the case of commencement, we need to know if you are planning on participating in a ceremony! Only students that RSVP "Yes" by the deadline will be recognized at the ceremonies. 

The RSVP portal can be found on MyUI under the Degrees/Graduation Tab.


Step One: Apply for Degree

Graduation and commencement are two related, but separate processes.

Applying for degree will start the process of degree conferral and diploma delivery; RSVPing "Yes" will allow you to be individually recognized during the commencement ceremonies.

You MUST apply for degree via the MyUI portal before you can RSVP for a commencement ceremony.

  • Please Note: Many students think that once they've applied for degree they are automatically RSVP'd for the commencement ceremony, this is not true.


Step Two: Opt-In

The Commencement at IOWA team chose to utilize an Opt-In based solution for the RSVP system. This means students must Opt-In via the RSVP portal in MyUI under the Degrees/Graduation Tab.

Students are NOT automatically enrolled into the RSVP system, students must take direct action to be included in the ceremonies. 

  • Please note: There is an Opt-Out feature in the RSVP system, but this does not mean anyone has been automatically enrolled. This is only meant to indicate a student's intent not to participate. We highly encourage students to choose an option one way or the other; it allows us to better allocate our resources. 


Step Three: Verify Information

The RSVP system in MyUI is tied directly into our Student Information System and should pull the most up-to-date information we have on file. 

Step Four: Add a Photo!

The RSVP system allows students to upload and minimally edit a photo to be used on the individual recognition slide. 

Things to note about photo submissions:

  • student and only the student
  • check on something besides phone for resolution quality
  • something
  • something else

Step 5 and 6: Save & Submit!

It is important to note that the RSVP system is a Two-Step process; students must SAVE, and students also must SUBMIT.

The RSVP system was designed so that students could start the process, indicate an intent to attend, review and correct data, but maybe wait to upload a photo. So the process can be saved at certain steps, but