The University of Iowa

The College of Education Commencement and Teacher Education Program Recognition Ceremony

Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 4:00pm Hancher Auditorium
Education Graduates with Banner
Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 4:00pm
141 Park Road
Iowa City, IA 52242

Elementary Education students receive their B.A. degree from the College of Education.

Secondary Education students will also be recognized by their program faculty for completing the Teacher Education Program and being recommended to the state for licensure. 

Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, will give the keynote address. Renita Schmidt, associate professor in Language, Literacy, and Culture, will be the faculty speaker. Kedibona Ochs will be the student speaker. Ochs, who is originally from Walvis Bay, Namibia, considers Dubuque, Iowa, his home away from home for the past 13 years. Ochs is receiving an English Bachelor of Art and is completing the English Education Teacher Education Program. 

Doors are scheduled to open one hour prior to the start of the ceremony; the ceremony is expected to last around one hour.

More information can be found on the College of Education website.

Becca Lundy

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2019!

Relive the memories and watch a video playback of the ceremony below.

Ceremony Information

  • All graduates participating in The College of Education Commencement and Teacher Education Program Recognition Ceremony are required to wear a gown, cap, black and gold tassel with the University Seal. 
  • Apparel can be purchased from the Iowa Hawk Shop beginning with the Grad Fair through the end of Finals Week.
  • Doors to Hancher will open one hour prior to the start of the ceremony. Graduates should arrive no later than 15 minutes after the doors open. 
  • Arrive for your ceremony with cap and gown.
  • Proceed to Strauss Hall
  • Please Note:
    • All items and people are subject to any search deemed necessary by the University of Iowa Police
    • No outside food or beverages except one unopened water bottle per guest will be allowed in the auditorium.  
    • Items that cannot be searched by security personnel are strictly prohibited; wrapped packages will not be allowed.
  • Graduating students should report to the Name Card Hand-Out Table in Strauss Hall. Tell the staff member your first and last names. Hold onto the Name Card! You will hand it to the individual scanning name cards right before you cross the stage.
  • If you arrive with a coat or purse, try to make arrangements to leave these items with a family member or friend.  You should not have anything in your hand other than your photo name card when the processional begins and throughout the ceremony.  Cell phones should be silenced or turned off.
  • Graduating students will receive a gift after completing a Hawkeye Teacher info form in Strauss Hall. All gifts will be left in Strauss Hall during the commencement and students will pick them up immediately following the commencement.
  • Your marshal will escort your group to a designated seating area. You should sit down as soon as you reach your chair.  A program booklet listing the graduates will be on your chair or passed down the row once you are seated. Please take one only.
  • For the Presentation of Graduates, the candidates will be invited to come to the stage to be recognized individually.  Your marshal will direct your group to the stage.  Take your Name Card with you, hand it to the person scanning the name cards, walk briskly to shake hands with the College of Education Dean, and smile for the camera.  You will exit the stage on the opposite side you entered and return to your original seat as directed by a marshal.
  • Following the closing remarks and processional of platform party, candidates will begin to recess in an orderly fashion under the marshals’ direction. 
  • Commencement is the culminating event of University study for students who choose to attend.   An appropriate and dignified academic atmosphere is expected so that you, your family, and other guests may enjoy this important gathering. 
  • The following rules of behavior will be enforced at all ceremonies:
    • No alcoholic beverages of any kind
    • Inappropriate dress and costumes worn under gowns will not be allowed
    • Cell phones must be turned off or silenced in the graduate seating area
    • No flowers, purses, gifts, balloons, or bags will be allowed in the student seating area
    • Inebriated students are not permitted to participate
  • With everyone’s cooperation, this occasion will become a proud and happy memory of your academic achievement at the University of Iowa!